Saturday, March 30, 2013

ONE OK ROCK Pierce Tabs/Update: 10K views on the blog!

Hey guys, the second release today is Pierce by ONE OK ROCK from their album Zankyo Reference.

Today I reached 10,000 views on  my blog! I just wanted to say BIG THANKS to everyone who has used my tabs, subscribed to my Youtube channel, and in general just supporting me to keep making them. I know I went on an unannounced hiatus for 2 months but it was you guys who brought me back. So I wanted to say again I truly appreciate everyone's support!

10,000 views on the blog may not seem like a big achievement to most people, but I take it to heart. It shows that I have accomplished something, even if it seems insignificant. It also shows that my blog and Youtube Channel are going somewhere. This is far from the end; it's only the Beginning.

Look out for more tabs soon, especially from ONE OK ROCK's new album JINSEI x BOKU! I've finally updated my song queue (the list widget was broken so I had to use text). As always, leave comments on the blog and video if you want a particular tab done. I'll try my best to do it in a timely manner.

Anyway, here are the tabs for Pierce:

Password: taka

Lead Guitar
Password: toru1

Rhythm Guitar
Password: toru2

Password: ryota

Drum Set
Password: tomoya

Midi File
Password: midimidi

GP5 File
Password: gp5gp5




  1. Hi. I really appreciate you on your hardworking on making band score guitar pro files!
    I'm everyday using your tabs and thanks.

    Now what I want to say is...
    I'm finding a band score tab of a song called 'Feel So Good' by 'Supercell'. I've tried to find it really hard but i couldn't find it.

    Can you make this song to a guitar pro tab?
    Please I'll beg you.. I want to play this song on my band.. Plz....

    1. Hey man I appreciate the fact that you're using my tabs!
      I'll attempt to do your song as soon as I get the chance.


    2. Thank you very much for replying my request^^
      I'll be wating. I'm really looking forward to it~