Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hey guys, Aoi again with another late post.

So, on Sunday, I will release the tabs for Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. Following the release of those tabs, I will start doing a minimum of 1 tab, which will be released every Sunday. This does not mean other tabs will be released during the week.

I've finally decided to start uploading my own music; I'll be making an official Facebook page for IASaoi, possibly a Twitter, and other things. I'll be marketing myself on sites such as Newgrounds to have my music possibly featured in indie web games and such.

All in all, I've been pretty busy juggling my music and my studies. Now that I have my life a bit more organized, the tabs should be coming along steadily. Be sure to check out my original music!

Hope you guys are doing well, and I apologize for doing such a poor job on the tabs.


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